Creative Therapy

Sometimes a child will start to develop patterns of behaviour that may be causing disruption in their lives and to the lives of those around them. This is also true of adults, and those experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties, can seek help in the form talking therapies, but sometimes it can be helpful to use other interventions such as creative therapies.

​Being Creative is often known as ‘therapeutic’ and therefore it is hardly surprising that this approach to therapy has developed to incorporate exploration of individuals creativity. Creative Therapy has key components such as art work, journaling, expression, sand tray play and lots of sticking and pasting to capture emotions in a way that words can’t.

The creative work produced can become the topic of more conventional talking therapy. By talking about an ‘object’ rather than themselves some individuals feel more at ease, the work becomes a materialised version of an inner world that is hard to form into words.

This therapy tends to be combined with other approaches such as integrative and psychodynamic theory.

Creative Therapy for Young People

Parents, carers and teachers may recognise signs such as excessive anger, fear or worry that may be affecting a young persons development and their ability to get along with their family and friends at school.

Young people can find a therapeutic setting threatening and almost like an interrogation with lots of words and talking. As a result, creative therapy is used to help young people communicate at their own level and at their own pace. This enables them to understand confused feelings and upsetting experiences that they haven’t yet had a chance to process.

Download Helen Townsend’s published article on Play and Mental Health.

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