Who are HT Counselling?

HT Counselling was founded by Helen Townsend over a decade ago.  After many years in private practice Helen commenced HT Counselling Service in 2017 to build a wider ranging service incorporating other professionals, experienced and new.  We offer affordable and accessible therapy services in a private practice environment.

Her aspiration was to create beautifully furnished rooms that offered a safe, quiet and convenient location along with the opportunity to incorporate a range of services such as counselling, psychotherapy, play therapy, anger management, mindfulness and alternative therapies such as Hypnotherapy all under one roof.

Helen has also introduced a service that aids newly qualified professionals to build their own businesses whilst incorporating support and knowledge from her own experiences of running a business.

Groot at HTCounselling

Having an expert team of therapists HT Counselling can offer various modalities (approaches) to therapy such as:

All with no time constraints to the amount of therapy on offer.

Clients can choose:

Due to the teams high standard of training, we can offer a strong ethical standing, professionalism and respect towards the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

Thank you so much again for all the help you gave me, it gave me the ability to figure out how to fix my issues by myself, which takes a big weight off my shoulders.
~ Client

Why choose HT Counselling Services?

There are several organisations, charities and individual counsellors offering support to people throughout Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. It can therefore be very confusing as to who to turn to for professional help. Often a client will approach a counsellor without understanding totally that they have turned to the most appropriate person for their specific problems/issues.

HT Counselling services have a number of counsellors working together all offering different styles of counselling and different areas of expertise. This service will ensure that the client is matched with the best person to support them in their quest to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

On making an enquiry or booking, Helen Townsend (Practice Director) will put a client in touch with the chosen counsellor. Clients can request information about the counsellor that has been chosen to work with them in terms of their experience and qualifications. HT Counselling service will attempt to answer all the client’s questions prior to the counselling commencing in a very open and honest way.

All the counsellors that work for HT Counselling services have worked closely with Helen for a good period of time and have therefore been rigorously vetted. All have up-to-date memberships to a Professional Body, Personal Liability Insurance, Data Protection (ICO) cover and DBS ((Disclosure & Barring Service) where applicable)) and renewals annually are checked by Helen.

The counsellors all adhere to a code of ethics, regular Supervision and are all committed to Continuous Personal Development.

There have been some hard times in the months since we ended counselling, but I remembered the things we discussed and I got through lots of different challenges thanks to you.
~ Client
Everyone is different

Why might you be looking for therapy?

Personal Difficulties:

Life-Stage Issues:

There are many different reasons why our clients come to us for therapy. Whether or not your reason is listed above, we’d love to help you too.