What is Counselling?

Everyone comes to counselling for different reasons. Some people are looking to make life changing differences to their lives, whereas others feel unsure what they want to change but feel that counselling will help them find a clearer outlook.

Friends & family may be supportive but because they are close to you, they may not be in the best position to help. Perhaps there may be things you’d rather not share with them, not wishing to burden them. In this situation a safe and supportive space in which you can talk in confidence to a counsellor may be of value. Speaking to a counsellor is particularly effective because the therapist is trained to recognise signals of what may or may not be helpful to each individual.

Counselling will help aid a deeper understanding of your feelings and emotions and can help you manage them more effectively. It can also help you as an individual develop greater self-esteem, self-worth and effective ways of relating to others by expressing your own needs and desires.

In brief Counselling can:


Counselling tends to be a short term intervention, focusing on a specific issue and usually ranging from 6 – 18 sessions.

What is Psychotherapy?

​Like counselling, psychotherapy is where you share what is troubling you and are listened to and supported in finding ways forward. It also looks at your behavioural patterns that are causing you distress in your daily life. But psychotherapy also works to help you have a deep understanding of your emotions by looking at your past. It questions how your experiences as a child and young adult affect you in ways that might still be causing you issues now.

Psychotherapy aims to find the very roots and beginnings of your issues and challenges, not just how to manage them now. Some sorts of psychotherapy also dive very deeply into exploration of self, looking at questions of identity and beliefs.

During psychotherapy, client and therapist work together to build greater understanding of why the client thinks, feels, behaves the way they do. In order to do this kind of work a good relationship between client and therapist is essential, so it is important to choose a therapist who ‘feels right’ for you. Our therapists will work with you to explore a deeper understanding of your experiences and look at the situation from different perspectives and new angles.


Psychotherapy tends to be a long term intervention (months/years).

While counselling might have you asking, what can I do and change to feel better, psychotherapy might also find you asking, who am I? How did I become this person? And who do I really want to be, deep down?
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Thank you so much again for all the help you gave me, it gave me the ability to figure out how to fix my issues by myself, which takes a big weight off my shoulders.
~ Client