Affordable Counselling Service (ACS)

ACS is a nationwide therapy service for individuals (18+ years). We offer a safe, non-judgemental environment which is affordable and flexible, working both face-to-face and online. This service is offered from £20 per session.

For face-to-face therapy we are based in the heart of Aston Fields, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire with easy access to transportation links such as train, bus and motorways.

For Online therapy we are using video conferencing technology such as Zoom, WhatsApp or Teams as well as telephone.

Our service is facilitated by Counsellors in training (CiT’s) who have been approved as fit for practice by their College or University. All CiT’s have also undergone a rigorous recruitment process via ACS. Consequently we are able to keep our prices affordable. We also offer flexible session times so can accommodate both evening and daytime appointments.

If you would like to access therapy through our service you will first have an initial consultation, with a senior practitioner. This is so that we are able to assess your aims and needs for therapy in order to best match you with a suitable therapist. In some cases we may agree together that a CiT does not have the necessary experience to meet your needs. In this situation we would look to offer you our qualified service.


We offer affordable counselling from £20 per session.

We also offer counselling from £40 per session for clients assessed as requiring a more experienced approach.

Spaces for this affordable service are limited and at the discretion of ACS assessors.

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Affordable Counselling Bromsgrove

Counsellors in Training (CiT’s)

We offer:

For CiT’s interested in applying for placements with ACS, please contact us directly.

I've shared things with you that I had never shared with anyone - testament to your unconditional acceptance of me.
~ Client