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For Students


We believe experiencing personal therapy is essential to the development of anyone in training and can be beneficial both personally and professionally.

Here we offer counselling for students with our highly qualified and experienced therapists at a 10% discount off our full cost prices. Our therapists meet the requirement of professional bodies such as BACP and NCS. We appreciate that training as a therapist is a costly process and we therefore are offering this discounted rate to help you on your journey.

Our therapists are experienced in delivering therapy to students from the following institutes:

Counselling tends to be a short term intervention, focusing on a specific issue and usually ranging from 6 – 18 sessions.

Low-Cost Service

Our low-cost counselling service is facilitated by trainee/student counsellors who volunteer their time to offer this benefit to the community. All our trainees/students will undergo a rigorous recruitment process and as a minimum must:

Newly Qualified / Students

Mentoring Service

HT Counselling encourage passing on of experience and knowledge.

This can be done in several ways:

Please contact the Practice Director for further information.

Supervision Services

We also offer an in-house supervision service for trainee and qualified
therapists. Please enquire for further details.

Service Agreement

Once qualified it can feel a scary place to be. Out in the world, trying to compete with more experienced therapists who flood the market. Come and take a client or two via HT Counselling.

We offer a service for newly qualified therapists that allows you to work as a self-employed therapist, but using the support and structure of HT
Counselling. You will be working under the umbrella of HT Counselling and so therefore, can start to build a client network, but also generate client hours to help support you in the start of a new venture. Please contact us for further details.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and encouragement to become a private practice therapist.
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