Specialised Anger Management Therapy

This usually involves a number of sessions (between 6-12) depending on individual needs. Our specialist therapist will explore when, how and why anger becomes a problem and then introduce techniques and strategies to aid a better outcome.

We all feel angry at times – it’s part of being human and is a normal emotion. We might experience Anger if we feel attacked, deceived, frustrated, invalidated or unfairly treated. Sometimes this can lead to unhealthy expression of this Anger and it can impact relationships and our physical & mental health. Learning healthy ways to recognise, express and deal with Anger is important for our own wellbeing.

HT Counselling’s specialist will work with the angry feelings allowing it space to breath and have a voice. Quite often Anger is seen as an unacceptable emotion so we find ourselves having to suppress or contain this very important emotion.

Our specialist always aims to work with the Anger to assist her clients to understand it better and recognise what triggers the emotional outbursts and how to channel the energy from it in a more constructive way for the individual.

Anger Management Therapy Bromsgrove
Anger Management Therapy Worcestershire
Using the strategies you have taught me and understanding where my anger is coming from, has really helped me to become a better person to be around. I’m no longer angry all the time!

Our approach to Anger Management

1 person in 5 has ended a relationship because of the way the other person has dealt with anger.
~ Mental Health Foundation

Doing something about your relationship with anger before relationships suffer, is vital.

The approach is to understand both the client’s developmental origins of anger and also the present day problems. By understanding the history of the anger we can learn some of the underlying causes and triggers. However, knowing our triggers doesn’t stop us being triggered which is where management techniques are useful.

I've shared things with you that i had never shared with anyone - testament to your unconditional acceptance of me.
~ Client
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